About the Conclave

About HR Conclave

As waves of change transform global businesses, the need arises to reinvent HR practices for the digital era. Disruptions gives an organization opportunity to grow, but also brings about major challenges. Some of the primary challenges are: “War” for talent, impact of technology and the way people operate. The time has come for HR professionals to shape the future of the industry and play a significant role in the direction of organizational innovation. HR professionals will have to take up an inevitable role in the transformation process while considering both the innovative and disruptive impact of advanced technology.

HR innovation is all about anticipating future needs and circumstances rather than simply finding a response to changing present situations. To survive in this era of disruption, organizations should be willing to upgrade the existing mechanisms. This will increase the effectiveness of real time decision making thereby significantly reducing time and cost.

HR personnel are still burdened by paperwork, filing cabinets, and use of outdated practices. This causes HR managers to be more reactive rather than proactive. The proactivity of the modern-day HR professional needs to be complemented by being up to-date with the most modern technologies.

The 1st HR Conclave, organized by the Indian Institute of Management Jammu, aspires to provide a platform where various industry experts and academicians can come together to collaborate and exchange ideas so as to recognize the strategies that can be adopted to shape the future of Human Resources.


This conclave aims to:

  • Discuss the various challenges and opportunities arising in HR practices due to technological disruptions.
  • Discuss the various strategies and innovations that can be integrated to increase the efficiency of the organisation.
  • Discuss the various technologies and methodologies that can be used in respective areas for increasing organisational effectiveness.
  • Discuss how disruptions lead to innovations in Human Resource