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HR Artistry: Innovating ways to develop an inspired workforce through artful HR

HR practices these days are becoming more and more influential rather than just being limited to systematic order of conduct in workplace. They have evolved into an art of influencing people to perform positively and showcase desirable traits in all platforms of an organization. The concept of involving the workforce to design & implement activities is gaining much appreciation in most of the industries across the globe. The roles are increasingly becoming exciting, innovative and creative with lots of new challenges. HR professionals have to deal with the concerns of its work force more inclusively and empathetically than ever before. Sharing is indeed caring. The HR Conclave is envisioned to move forward with this ideology as this is the mantra which is being showcased by the most successful organizations of today amidst disruptions in the markets all over.

The idea is all about making the people of the organization an inclusive and integrated part of the organization building. Strong HR in an organization must be capable of addressing the frequent disruptions resulting in constant need of upgrading existing work culture and mechanisms. This form of development manifests a sense of ownership among employees. They feel inspired and enthusiastic at workplace. HR practitioners need to help people create meaningas a basis for their emotional engagement and contribution. The challenges in this process include developing creativity and thinking differently about HR processes, moving from best to tailored practices aligned to the respective situations, and responding innovatively to different engagement needs. The focus of discussion would be motivating and energizing the workforce to achieve the common goal of the organization in this era of disruption and innovation. And how to develop cost efficient and out of the box innovative solutions which are relevant to the present industry needs?