Panel VI

Panel VI:
Intellectual Innovation: An ineludible avenue to growth

The drivers of the modern changes in HR practices are transitioning from leadership to intellectualism. The sweeping changes are already taking place in terms of organizational culture, composition of work force and existing HR systems and processes. Most of these changes are due to integration of technological advances and intellectual capital. The stress should be more on the viability of ‘Gig Economy’ through platform driven technologies. Intellectual innovation is the key to the future of work where leadership is leveraged through technology. The HR Conclave aims to discuss on these new avenues and directions.

The modern stature of India is a wealth of creativity and innovation. It can be supported by the fact that the employable youth are individualistic in their work orientation. With an influx of intuitive and innovative mindset they are capable of delivering intellectual solutions to critical problems, something which the leadership model is failing to deliver. The sensational rise of intellectualism is evident. Leadership of most organizations these days are having a hard time in mapping the power of intellectualism and what all disruptions it can cause in the global market-place. The unprecedented rate of change has never been realized before. The effects of these changes are world scale, implications of which are hard to gauge. The extreme challenges that the leadership of today is facing are: the volatility of existing mechanisms and models of growth, the lack of leadership to see the big picture, continuous up gradation and up scaling of work methodologies and aligning work force with the changing environment.

Mostly, the younger generations are entering the global work force. The millennials with their immense knowledge on diverse innovative platforms are willing to experiment with creative and out of the box solutions to existing problems. Our guests and imminent personalities from various industries believe such solutions would play a crucial role in defining any organization’s way of moving forward. These solutions are relevant in the today’s dynamicwork environment where existing technologies become obsolete.

Our esteemed guests and speakers will explore these challenges and express their views by discussing on: True leadership- upscaling these innovations rather than relying upon improvement in existing mechanisms; Adapting to constant changes and shifting gears for the better; Neat and clean relevant judgements that can be brought with inclusiveness of new technological innovations and creativity.